Professional Services Recruitment


Professional Services

Westlakes' Professional Services division covers candidates and clients / jobs that require specific training / education / qualifications / and experience. As well as professional registration / designation.

Examples of areas we recruit:

Accountants / Lawyers / HR / IT

Architects / Engineers / Technicians / Drafters / QS

Project Managers

Sectors we recruit:

Professional practice / consultancy

Client side

Main contractor / Sub contractor


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Info for Clients: How we recruit

Westlakes offers three main types of engagement with clients:


Contingent Recruitment

No Win No Fee


This is for perm / temp / contract - no win no fee - standard fee structure applies unless we have preferred terms with a client. Invoiced on placement.

Due to recruitment activity being on a contingent basis - highly competitive with high demand - we cannot guarantee timing / availability (unless we have specific / signed terms with a client).

Retained Assignments

Third on commencement / third on accepted shortlist / third on placement


This is for perm only - guaranteed placement and fixed fees (lower due to being guaranteed).

The upfront fee on commencement is for mobilising the project and our resources.

The shortlist fee is only payable if you accept the shortlist.

And the placement fee is payable when the employment agreement is signed.

Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement for defined monthly services


Westlakes offers fully outsourced solutions for clients. Also known as Recruitment Process outsourcing (RPO).

This can be one part of the recruitment / talent management process. Or it can be the entire function.

We can also design / develop / and implement an Internal recruitment function for clients - along with training and system / processes / policies / and procedures etc.

Next Steps...

Keen to know more about partnering with us? Want to submit a job order or to go through terms / conditions and how we work? Then please feel free to contact us today.