Keen to move? Where to?

We can get you to (or from) South Africa / the UK / Australia / and New Zealand.

Relocating candidates locally / regionally, as well as internationally.

We have global business partnerships - which is how we do the majority of our business. It's all about networking. (Real networking, not social media).

With office facilities in all major cities and locations that we service, we can set up a meeting with you to discuss current opportunities either locally, regionally, or internationally.

Better yet... we have a programme that is specifically designed to get you where you want to be! See below...


WIR Managed Relocation Service

For Relocation Candidates where Recruitment Consultancy and Legal Advisory services are required.

Free Initial Consultation

Meeting with your Recruitment Consultant and our Lawyer in person or via video / phone conference

We will do a broad overview of your career to date, your specialist skills and qualifications / experience, and your desired location - including other personal circumstances that may or may not have an impact on any relocation.

Our Lawyer will then make an initial assessment on the migration related aspects based on the discussion as to whether or not he/she believes your case will be successful.

If we believe we can place you our Lawyer believes he/she can get your (and your family's / partner's) visas sorted, we will then progress to the next stage!



Candidate Registration

Getting you loaded and coded

The first part of our registration process is of course a more in depth meeting and/or consultation with the Recruitment Consultant and our Lawyer.

Candidate Registration is not just about signing terms with each other. It's about clearly defining who does what in this relationship, setting some key milestones and delivery dates etc.

You will be guided throughout the process and once registered with us, we will begin the job hunt right away!!

Placement & Visas

We focus on getting you a job offer, our lawyers focus on the visas

The Recruitment Consultant is tasked to provide whatever consulting services are necessary to secure you interviews and a job offer.

Our Lawyer ensures that a very high quality and consistent application pack is put together for your case to ensure the highest possible chance of success in obtaining visas.

Then... It's time to celebrate!!!

Next Steps...

Get in touch today for a free initial consultation. Tell us what you're looking for and we will offer you a bespoke package that suits your needs.